About Johara

Johara has been a leading performer, instructor, choreographer, percussionist, and director of Snake Dance Theater Company for over 20 years. She has been sharing the art of belly dance in the New England area since 1997 and is known for her musicality, serpentine movements, fiery drum solos, and sensual veil-work. Johara has performed her innovative blend of traditional and fusion belly dance around the world. Her repertoire includes Egyptian, Turkish, American Cabaret belly dance, Middle Eastern folk dances, Vintage Style, and tribal fusion. Johara's work shows her respect for classic Middle Eastern dance forms, yet also her creative vision as she continues to push the boundaries of her genre. Throughout her career as a performer, Johara has drawn from her experience in multiple dance genres from around the world to create her own unique "Serpent Raqs" dance style. Johara currently teaches at the Dance Complex and the Cambridge Community Arts Center and has been a belly dance instructor in the Greater Boston area for over 20 years.  She believes in being rooted in strong foundation of traditional Middle Eastern dance but also exploring other dance styles to cultivate self-expression and creativity.

Johara is a pioneer in theatrical belly dance.  As the director of Snake Dance Theater Company,  she has produced over 15 grand scale theatrical belly dance shows since 2001.  These shows have featured several of Johara's original choreographies and creative narratives. Her choreographies range from traditional Middle Eastern dance to unique fusions with Latin, contemporary, and Hollywood fantasy styles of dance. 

Johara has performed in Turkey, Greece, Brazil, across the United States, and locally in the New England area as a solo dancer and with her company. 

As a featured soloist and traveling member of the Turkish folk dance group, Mavi Dance, some of Johara's performances have included the International Folk Dance Festival in Inegol Turkey, a gala in New York City, Turkish festivals in Chicago and New Jersey, productions at New England Conservatory,  and at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium with renowned composer Mehmet Sanliko.  

Because Johara is a musician, drummer, and percussionist, musicality is a natural part of her artistic expression as a dancer and performer.  She also incorporates knowledge of Middle Eastern rhythms and connection with the music in her belly dance classes. Johara is currently a member of Meraki Caravan but has also performed with other world music ensembles and bands throughout the years.  She is also an alumna of Berklee College of Music. 

Johara is also certified in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga and holds a master’s degree in ESL education.


Warda - Johara Solo


Turkish Romani Dance

Johara with Fred Elias Ensemble at the Karoun